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Proven, Traditional Education

Legacy Traditional Schools has seen great success with our Back-to-Basics approach to learning. It’s a way to stick to what works in education, to challenge students, and really focus on developing highly-capable learners.

Some things that make our approach so successful include an accelerated pace of study, high expectations for academics and behavior, self-contained K-6 classrooms, bell-to-bell instruction, integrated Language Arts curriculum (Spalding), accelerated mathematics (Saxon), and more.

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Build Character, Build the Future

At Legacy, we also pay close attention to developing character in all of our students. We know that parents want their children to be community-minded and to strive to make a difference in the world. That’s our goal, too!

Every day our students learn and live the principles found in our Standards of Citizenship, which include citizenship, loyalty, responsibility, and service. Your child will begin to make commitments to do their very best at all times, and the results are incredible.

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The choice is clear

Year after year, Legacy ranks among the highest performing school districts in the state (A rated by the Arizona Department of Education and the highest rated K-8 school district in Arizona). See how we compare to state averages and it quickly becomes clear why our students and families are most successful.

Proficiency Data 2017/18 School Year

English Language Arts



Programs designed with each student in mind

We’re committed to help each of our students win—in and out of the classroom. We’ve designed our school day to help develop all of the important characteristics that make successful, well-rounded kids. We don’t cut the programs that inspire kids—we expand them! Here are a couple of our most popular enrichment programs.

Mozart Performing Arts

Music is one of the best ways for children to express themselves, and it provides an avenue for learning that just doesn’t exist in other disciplines. Our Mozart Performing Arts Program encourages students to expand their passion for music and performance.

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Momentum Fitness Program

We want our students to create foundations of health, athleticism, and confidence from an early age. That’s why we created our Momentum Fitness Program. Your child won’t have P.E. once a week for a half-hour. They will participate in 30-50 minutes of age-appropriate physical exercise four days a week!

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